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02 Май. 2016 г.

Companion 2.1

Then I read that chives are a good companion plant for oregano, so I put some in the same planter as the sad oregano plant. The law requires pet stores, breeders and animal shelters to check the registry and not sell or adopt animals to anyone on it, according to the Animal Law Coalition.
As you celebrate the end of the year and consider bringing a new loved one into your family, choose adoption and give a very special gift to a very deserving animal.  Happy Holidays!
By some estimates, more than 5 percent of the approximately 650 military dogs deployed by American combat forces are coming down with canine PTSD.
Here you will find a collection of books (most of which are on my bookshelf) where I get a lot of information for my posts. If they don’t like their environment, many plants do the next best thing and alter their environment chemically, physically, and biologically. Turns out there’s a special leafminer that loves to eat these two vegetables, so putting them together insured I would be dealing with that pest all spring.
Abusers will stay on the registry for five years each, and will face jail time or fines if they do not sign up for and renew their registrations throughout that period. Now nearly ten months later, attorneys with The Animal Law Center have announced a $65,000 ruling for the woman. Carlisle has been practicing as a trusts and estates attorney in New York City for over 20 years. He allegedly failed to sedate dogs before euthanizing them, placed them near other dead animals and inserted the euthanizing needle into their jugular veins during euthanasia, which is considered more painful than other locations. When a plant does this, there are other species that benefit from the environmental alteration or are discouraged by it.
In fact, I’ve written before about plant pairs whose natural properties work together in the garden to reduce pests and boost plant health (without chemicals!).Sounds perfect, right?So, you start picking out what you want to grow in your garden this year and search “companion planting chart” on Google.
I think their health has something to do with planting the two together when I first got them.
If anyone needed evidence of the frontline role played by dogs in war these days, here is the latest: the four-legged, wet-nosed troops used to sniff out mines, track down enemy fighters and clear buildings are struggling with the mental strains of combat nearly as much as their human counterparts. The mainstream scientific community rejected this method and its findings as pseudo-science.
The goal was to discover which plants “liked” each other by examining the crystal formations left after evaporation of plant extracts mixed with various solutions.
Cornell University’s Horticultural Factsheet on the topic points out its foundation on a long, indisputable history:Naturalists have known about these properties of plants for thousands of years. Certain trees move groundwater to the soil surface where shallow-rooted plants can grow even under droughty conditions. Rather than planting all of the same crop in a large area (picture the typical cornfield), commercial (and backyard) growers see improvement when they imitate the diversity found in the natural world, alternating rows with a complementary crop.IntercroppingThis theory of non-competition between plants with differing needs is now called “intercropping” and has gained widespread acceptance in mainstream agriculture.
Deep-rooted plants can grow with shallow, or tall plants with low-growing ones that needs shade, or slow-maturing plants that areВ fast-maturing. Plants in the same space with different needs suffer less competition.Unlike the lore of companion planting, intercropping has been shown to work on a home garden scale. Originating in tropical climates like Africa, understanding the niches plants grow in and how you can combine them together in limited space and resources has a long history.
Intercropping has three major advantages: 1) Reduces physical space needed 2) Reduces potential for widespread crop failure since a pest or disease is unlikely to decimate both crops 3) Can reduce resource use like water and fertilization needs.
Intersperse carrots and onions, for example, or plant basil under tomatoes.Add flowers to attract pollinators and helpful predators like wasps and ladybugs. Use fast-growing lettuces and radishes as a living mulch around slow-growing plants like tomatoes and cabbages.Constantly replenish bare patches left after mature plants are harvested.
Late in the season, choose sections of the garden to “rest” by growing a nitrogen-boosting patch of field peas or clover to till into the soil the following spring.2. Use the Rule of Opposites (Complementarity)With just a little research (and better yet hands-on experience over the years), you can get to know which plants are shallow-rooted and which are deep-rooted, which are heavy feeders or light feeders, which are slow-growing or fast-growing.
Keep it in the FamilyLearn your plant families and keep related plants together in the same “neighborhood” of the garden. Related plants generally get along (with one or two exceptions) and have similar needs and pest threats.
This way you only have to learn the characteristics and needs of each family instead of those of each individual plant.While this may not seem like the best way to create a diverse garden (point #1 above), working with family neighborhoods brings simplicity to the companion planting process. Never put your potatoes near your tomatoes, even though they are in the same family!For more on this concept, I recommend Sally Jean Cunningham’s book on garden neighborhoods and companion planting.4.
Garden, Hope, and Don’t Worry!More than anything, don’t worry too much about the list of dos and don’ts.
Generally companion planting won’t make or break your garden, but, taken in the right direction, will contribute to a healthy biosystem.Be willing to learn about your plants’ general characteristics. You will quickly build hands-on experience that far outweighs the knowledge any book or website could give you, and soon you’ll be companion planting with confidence!Do you use companion planting in your garden? Gardening is my priority now as we want to plant vegetables and fruits to get away from the poison food being sold everywhere. We live in Paraguay now and the food here is full of chemicals or GMO in their majority, very scary.
For the last 3 days I have been studying Companion Gardening and your article is very good.
I found this video which blew my mind that it can be very helpful as it is a very simple gardening approach and solves a lot of the gardening issues making gardening fun and stop being a slave to our gardens, we are already trying to do as the documentary says. I also always threw Marigold seeds all over the garden, They really helped keep the bugs away.
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